About the training

Leadership for Institutional Transformation

Mentorship, Leadership, Development, Networking, Partnership


University leadership is a key responsibility especially for Council Chairs, VCs & DVCs. With the dynamic higher education sector that requires competitive positioning and innovative approaches to leadership and governance, the top university leadership need to be equipped for effective leadership.


Benefits of the training

  • Learn from experienced leaders on strategies for building effective higher education institutions.
  • Benchmark with leading institutions.
  • Identify and evaluate new technologies to support university services.
  • Learn new and tested financing models for university advancement.
  • Appreciate the need for planning and designing for effective university space utilization (Master Plan).
  • Learn to leverage on relationships with boards, shareholders, partners, clients, colleagues and other critical stakeholders.
  • Develop skills for setting priorities and developing implementable and clear action plans.
  • Study effective monitoring and evaluation tools necessary for implementation of institutional strategic plans.
  • Identify and appreciate the building blocks for transformational leadership

What to expect

  • Presentations from experienced leaders in higher education.
  • Workshops on topical issues affecting universities.
  • Case Studies of successful leadership models, transformed institutions and successful leaders
  • Benchmarking activities in leading institutions.
  • Networking fora for participants from world-class institutions.
  • Opportunities for collaboration.
  • Peer learning.
  • Mentorship and coaching from successful leaders.
  • Practical and hand-on learning.
  • Follow-ups on proposed projects.
  • Continuous support systems.
  • Opportunities for fundraising and referrals.


UNiveristy Leaders’ Training

The Training was scheduled to take place on 13th – 17th April, 2020 at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the training was rescheduled to a date to be announced later.

This training shall be facilitated by The Institute for International Business (IIB). This five-day workshop will focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, industrial parks and incubation centres, contracts and negotiations, resource mobilization through grants, gifts and endowments, internationalization, networking, collaborations and partnerships.

Venue: University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA

Date: TBA