About CLIG

At CLIG, we seek to develop current and emerging innovative and transformative leaders. We have in the last five years held training programmes for university leaders where we have trained Chairmen of Councils, VCs, DVCs. This has had a huge impact on the sustainability and development of the participating universities. As we continue to focus on university leadership, there are other emerging sectors that need capacity building for leaders. CLIG, in collaboration with the University of Iowa, has identified the health sector as a priority area for training. In this regard, we are planning to hold our first Health Leaders’ Training Workshop in April 2024 in Iowa, USA, using the university leaders’ training model.

About the University of Iowa College of Public Health (CPH)

The University of Iowa College of Public Health (CPH) is internationally renowned for research and educational activities in public health and healthcare. Through its diverse array of community-based research and practice programs, the college serves as a comprehensive public health resource for the state of Iowa, the nation, and the world. It focuses on the training of health sector leaders in the management of health care organizations, formulation and implementation of health care policy, improving access to health care services, financing and evaluating the quality and outcomes of health care services. The college’s robust research enterprise includes focused expertise in epidemiology, occupational and environmental health, social and behavioural aspects of health, and health management and policy. The college has extensive expertise in areas including rural health, clinical trials, and community engagement among many others.

The University of Iowa College of Nursing. The mission of this College is to prepare nurse leaders to advocate and advance healthcare across an individual’s lifespan and this is demonstrated through innovative and impactful education, research, clinical scholarship, service and professional practice. We have three Centres which advance our research: The Csomay Centre for Gerontological Excellence, the Centre for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness, and the Centre for Multimorbidity Science. This College will be celebrating 125 years as a college in 2023

Benefits of the Training

  • Learn from experienced leaders on strategies for building effective medical institutions.
  • Benchmark with leading institutions.
  • Identify and evaluate new technologies to support medical services.
  • Learn new and tested financing models for hospital advancement.
  • Appreciate the need for planning and designing for effective hospital space utilization (Master Plan).
  • Learn to leverage on relationships with boards, regulators, shareholders, partners, clients, colleagues and other critical stakeholders.
  • Develop skills for setting priorities and developing implementable and clear action plans.
  • Study effective monitoring and evaluation tools necessary for implementation of institutional strategic plans.
  • Identify and appreciate the building blocks for transformational health leadership.
  • Develop crucial leadership, resilience and innovation skills
  • Gain the in-depth knowledge required to make informed, evidence-based decisions.
  • Learn how others manage data, health records and research data generation and lead their healthcare delivery
  • Build a professional network of scientific, medical and business experts.

What to expect

  • Presentations from experienced leaders in the health care and leadership industry.
  • Workshops on topical issues affecting healthcare institutions.
  • Case Studies of successful leadership models, transformed institutions and successful leaders.
  • Benchmarking activities in leading institutions, technologies and health care models.
  • Networking fora for participants from world-class institutions.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnerships in healthcare, research and training.
  • Peer learning.
  • Mentorship and coaching from successful leaders.
  • Practical and hands-on learning.
  • Follow-ups on proposed projects.
  • Continuous support systems.
  • Opportunities for fundraising grants writing and referrals.

Who is invited to this workshop?

  • CEOs of Private and Public Health Facilities,
  • National Hospitals and County Health Boards
  • Superintendents
  • Ministry & County Health Officials,
  • Health Institutions Board of Directors,
  • Managers of Health Professional Bodies,
  • Clinical/ Nursing Directors

Date & Venue

This training shall take place at the University of Iowa, Iowa, USA from 22nd to 26th April 2024 and will be facilitated by CLIG in collaboration with The Institute for International Business (IIB) – University of Iowa.

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