Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How many people typically attend the Vice-Chancellors’ training?

The training is aimed at offering personalized attention to the attendees. From previous workshops, we had an average of 15 attendees.

  1. Who do I expect to meet at the training?

The training attendees include Vice Chancellors (or their deputies in some cases) from Universities in Kenya and from selected African Countries. Training will be offered by global industry experts from various fields.

  1. What is included in the stated training fee?

A package is offered for this phase is explained here

  1. Do you offer certificates after your training?

Yes, a certificate will be offered after the attendee has successfully completed the training

  1. Is there any pre-work required before attending?

No, there is no pre-work required for this training.

  1. Can one transfer his/ her training session?

Yes, in the case where a Vice-Chancellor shall not make it to any of the two training phases, we allow them to send them deputies (Deputy-Vice Chancellors) or any one of equivalent position in the university.

However, an attendee cannot delegate his chance while a training phase is ongoing.

Requests to transfer must be done at least 2 weeks before a training phase begins. Such request should be done by emailing to [email protected]

  1. How do I register?

There are three easy ways to register:

Online: Our secure, online registration form are available on our website

By email: one can send an email to [email protected] providing the necessary information.

By post: Invitation letters will be sent out to potential attendees, in them will include a registration form. Alternatively, one can print out the registration form provided on our website. These forms should then be filled, scanned and emailed to [email protected]

  1. What makes CLIG Training unique?

The Training will offer an opportunity for various Vice-Chancellors to meet, interact and foster partnerships with industry experts and University leaders from other countries.

  1. What payment options do I have?

Training fees for each phase can be done separately before the deadline of each phase.

All fees is to be paid through the bank. Payment details are provided here. Payment should be done before the provided deadlines. A proof of payment should be emailed to [email protected]

  1. Refunds and Cancellation

Once a participant has paid, he/ she cannot be refunded the training fee. However, a participant will be allowed to transfer their slot to a colleague or a Deputy Vice-Chancellor.