About us

The Centre for Innovative Leadership and Governance (CLIG) was started with the aim of empowering those in authority to be transformational leaders in their organisations and communities.

Our activities are anchored on our four (4) main pillars:

  1. Transformation Leadership
  2. Innovation
  3. Effective Governance
  4. Research and Consultancy

We partner and support individuals and organisations in diverse fields including but not limited to: Education, Corporate Governance and Leadership, Management of Public and Private Organizations.

CLIG believes that to achieve sustainable development, there is need to build the capacity of leaders at all levels of organizations. Our innovative solutions are founded in extensive research and experience. CLIG is privileged to have experienced leaders who are highly trained and competent. Individual team members have transformed organisations and state corporations to global recognition.


CLIG’s specific objectives are to:

  1. Build capacity for innovative and transformative Leadership
  2. Undertake consultancies in specific areas, especially in management, leadership and governance;
  3. Support organizations in developing, implementing and evaluating performance management processes and systems;
  4. Conduct applied and basic research in diverse disciplines and areas of focus.


To be a leading centre in Africa in the training of innovative and transformative leaders.


To train and mentor leaders for sustainable institutional transformation.

Core values

• Innovation
• Social Responsibility
• Excellence
• Integrity

We help grow leaders to champion institutional transformation!