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The Art Of Grantsmanship

The Art Of Grantsmanship Kemu’s Research Conference 5th March 2018 By: Prof. Olive M. Mugenda, Ph.D

Entrepreneurship In Educational System Insights

Presented To Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association Mombasa, Kenya 22nd June 2018 By Prof. Olive M. Mugenda, Ph.D  

Fundamentals Of Research

Fundamentals Of Research presented at KeMU’s RESEARCH CONFERENCE 5th March 2018 By: Prof. Olive M. Mugenda, Ph.D. EBS, CBS

Managing Education in Sub-Saharan Africa – Prof. Olive Mugenda – CUEA 6th June, 2018

Education in sub-Saharan Africa As in most countries worldwide, Sub-Saharan African countries are striving to build their human capital so they can compete for jobs and investments in an increasingly globalized world. In this region which includes the largest number of countries that have not yet attained universal primary schoolingRead More